Robot News March 6 2013

6 Mar

Came across the following when searching news results today:

Stranger than fiction

Incredibly, there is now a company – called just Shadow – that is developing artificial internal organs for robots – including artificial blood. At present, it’s just a test bed, but the possibilities are truly intriguing.

DIY Robot

Even more interesting to me is a French company that allows a user to 3D print body parts and assemble a complete robot in the home – sort of like a modern day Dr Frankenstein. Now, if you didn’t know already, 3D printing is poised to change the economic world like never before – think of all those global companies that make plastic things that are sold to consumers. Couple 3D printing with robot production and there’s no telling where it will all go.

Watch This Robotic Dog Throw Cinder Blocks With Its Head

Well, Big Dog from Boston Dynamics has grown up. Now, it has a long neck with a strong grasping tool at the end. Seeing this, one can visualize many applications without any difficulty.

When are we going to learn to trust robots?

Well, it’s often difficult to trust humans, is it not – even family and associates? But, strangely, it’s sometimes easier to trust a complete stranger. So, where do robots sit with you? Read this article for some truly pertinent comments about robots in the home, perhaps sooner than you think.


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