Robot News Roundup March 12th, 2013

12 Mar

Robot actors join humans onstage to explore the meaning of life

It had to come. But, I’m surprised it has happened already: mixing actual robots on stage with human actors. Primitive as yet, naturally, but definitely a foretaste of things to come. When will we see a reborn Humphrey Bogart android acting in future movies? Or a Paul Newman robot? Who could ignore a real Elvis Presley lookalike? Or is all that just too tacky to consider? Strange days ahead, people, strange days…

Top 5 sci-fi robot girlfriends

Okay, then, if that wasn’t tacky enough, try this: Daniel Bell at C-Net provides his list of desirable robot companions – if he had to, that is. All in jest, of course (we hope, don’t we?), yet the whole idea of robotic sexuality just won’t go away, will it? Well, sex is forever, of course; and although lies are still with us, videotape has just about gone – for which we should be thankful, I suppose.

Not me, though – I still use VHS tape occasionally.

Robot rat wages psychological warfare on real rats in experiment

I guess rats and other animals will always be used in scientific experiments. But, this is new: using robot rats with real rats to assess the interactions and stresses – all in efforts to perhaps to “gain insight into how humans might one day react” to the introduction of humanoid robots within society.

Watch the video, but make sure you have fast broadband.

Do you have dreams of having a robot?

Well, have a look at the agility and skill of these small robots from KumoTek Robotics. Sure, they are toys now, but the engineering and programming underpinning the products are quite good. Be sure to watch the videos which I found very entertaining and informative.


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