Robot News Roundup March 14th, 2013

14 Mar

Festo’s Extraordinary Robots That Mimic Biology II: Bionic Learning Network

Under water, on land or in the air, the robotics company Festo is producing amazing robotic machines to go anywhere, it seems. Of particular interest to me is the engineering behind the mimicking of human muscles. And, it’s just going to get better.

Army of the Future: Russian combat Robots

US military forces have been using robotics in war for years, in Iraq and Aghanistan. So, have a look to see what the Russians are doing to catch up. Might seem quite basic now, but the Russians are good at innovation. There’ll be more to come, no doubt.

World’s Top3 Humanoid Robots – Asimo vs HPR-4 vs NAO!

If you haven’t seen Asimo before, it’s worth a look. Sure, it’s specialized and suited for relatively banal tasks, but here’s the point: the engineering and software behind it could be adapted quite easily. I’d not seen the other two before, but Nao, from Aldebaran Robotics, is due for mass marketing this year. It’s a toy, of course – but what a toy!  So, I’m sure it will sell well.


Ignore the hype in this video, and just note the fluidity of movement in this over-sized machine. Then, think ahead 20 or 30 years and picture what is likely to be at that time. It could be quite scary. And, hmmm, note also Titan’s minder in the background, keeping it under control.


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