Robot News Roundup-March 25th, 2013

25 Mar

Robot-human interaction can help stroke victims

Once more, here is proof that robots will be a great boon for humanity in the medical field. Already, a primitive humanoid robot (HR) is assisting in the rehab of those with stroke related partial paralysis.

Yes, robots can learn language

If you have any doubts that robots can indeed learn language, this will help to resolve the issue. It’s a long, long way to colloquial, conversational English, for sure; but the goal is irresistible, don’t you think?

Another mover and shaker in robotics

I came across this page about Rodney Brooks, MIT professor emeritus, and now Chairman and Chief Technology Officer at Rethink Robotics. There are a number of very informative videos and interviews which provide much background in the long development of robotics. Definitely worth a view or two.

A robot helper in every home?

Right now, only few people are free from the drudge of housework. The future though holds out the promise of robot servants for the masses. The technical challenges are daunting, to say the least; but, as one of the project engineers says, “The robots are coming. Are we ready?”

Revising The Three Laws of Robotics?

Here’s a piece from 2009 with a discussion on Asimov’s laws of robotics. Two engineers at Ohio State U have proposed revisions that place more responsibility on humans when interacting with robots. I think it’s on the ball.


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